The Summer School

“How to become a better scientist and teacher”

3rd edition

May 26 – June 1, 2023

free study

scholarship PLN 5 000

for every Summer School participant

attendance certificates

commencement date
26th of May 2023

About the project

The Doctoral School of the University of Szczecin (SD US) is the host of the project granted by NAWA Poland within the Spinaker programme. The name of the project is: Utworzenie IMPK w j. ang. W Szkole Doktorskiej US “How to become a better scientist and teacher”.

The SD US strategy adopted in February 2020 assumes that the school should prepare doctoral students to: conduct high-quality research, achieve scientific independence in the country and abroad. An important implementation of this goal is the internationalization process reflected in two important processes, i.e. in international cooperation in the field of research, participation in international research projects and organizing joint scientific ventures, and in international cooperation of SD US with foreign doctoral schools. The internationalization process is crucial for increasing the quality of education and recognizing Polish science abroad. Moreover, it is also an opportunity to link science and education in Poland with the practical dimension (economy). Bearing in mind these assumptions, the IMPK envisages the inclusion of young researchers to participate in international scientific life through the implementation of joint projects, culminating in publications in wide-ranging worldwide journals (with Q1-2 on the JCR list). Achieving this goal through intergenerational participation in the IMPK on a partnership basis can help overcome barriers of various types, from linguistic, to cultural and mental. The originators of this project want to show to a wide audience that there are researchers in the University of Szczecin who reduce the distance between the student and the lecturer, while remaining an authority, having time to contemplate scientific problems and appreciate the enthusiasm of students / learners. This project is also to constitute the foundations for the creation of a greater number of study courses at the University of Szczecin in foreign languages. Mobility rates among academics are also expected to increase as a result of the new contacts made.

This project may also contribute to increasing the recognition of US scientists on a larger scale. The advantage of the project is the internationalization of the US, which could lead to increased interest in the US offer among foreign students and doctoral students, as well as enabling international contacts among young US researchers with other doctoral students from Poland and abroad. At the same time, the project will also be an excellent opportunity to promote Polish culture, mainly in terms of scientific research. A number of activities are planned to promote the history and culture of Poland, and especially the region, in order to encourage the participants of IMPK not only to get to know our country and stay in it for longer, by establishing scientific contacts, but also strengthening ties with the region and the University and strengthening the sense of pride in participants from our body. Moreover, the internationalization of the project, resulting mainly from the active presence of IMPK participants and foreign lecturers, will contribute to the increase in the number of scientific projects requiring cooperation with the socio-economic environment.

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